Little fish / by Laura Ward

The end of last year marked a full stop in a journey I had been on for some years. These years were incredibly difficult and painful, both physically and emotionally. I learned a great deal about myself and the world. I also accepted there are several ways to get to your destination. 

I always thought I would be a mother by now. This is quite a difficult sentence to type, let alone say out loud. Luckily for me, I have an incredible husband and a small number of trusted people who are an incredible support.  Not everyone is able to demonstrate kindness and perhaps this is in response to the lack of conversations going on in the world. 

I feel lucky that my tool box was stocked with the ability to record my experiences through a camera. My relationship with water in all of it's terrifying and healing forms became the vehicle to carry my story along. Last summer during a very isolating medical episode, I asked my dear friend Meg McNulty to collaborate and write a fictional response to my work. Little did I know at the time that she would gift me the ability to step away from the experience and embrace another. 

I really want to publish my work alongside Meg's. I haven't been able to do that yet, but  I have published some of my images with a few snippets of Meg's words. This series of images isn't static so I expect it could change. It's not entirely edited or sequenced correctly, but I have new chapters to begin living. 

The images were all taken on film across a variety of important places I visited during these years. 

Thank you my dear Meg for your gift.